The Free Spirit Film & TV has a wealth of experience producing high quality promotional and corporate video content for a range of clients; from small businesses and inventors to foundations, schools and car manufacturers. A small selection of our work can be found below with a brief description of each production.

King Edward’s School “AP100” Assisted Places Campaign:

This short video was produced to encourage fundraising efforts for King Edward’s School, Birmingham. The campaign aims to fund boys through the school that may not otherwise be able to afford a place and uses the school’s rousing song as a call to action.

The Ruddock Performing Arts Centre

The Ruddock Performing Arts Centre is a multi-million pound building in the heart of Birmingham. Free Spirit Film & TV were commissioned to produce this in-depth look at the buildings facilities and the benefits it will have to the school and community surrounding it.

King Edward’s School – Promotional Trailer

A short promotional trailer for King Edward’s School, Birmingham. The more in-depth, full video can be found here.

Theo Paphitis – Boux Avenue Launch:

Free Spirit Film & TV covered the opening of the new Boux Avenue, located in heart of Birmingham and lead by businessman, Theo Paphitis. This video was produced for the Lifestyle Magazine, Live 24/7.

Manor Vets Testimonials:

These short, candid interviews were requested by Manor Vets to encourage new customers with real testimonials.

Pro-Liner – Golf Training Aid

This short instructional video was created to demonstrate how the Pro-Liner Golf Training aid can be used to improve your golf game.


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