13 Factors That Saved Apollo 13

TV Documentary
2x 52′ & 1 x 90′
“You’ve seen the movie, now discover the full story”

April 13th, 1970. 180,000 miles from Earth, a devastating malfunction leaves Apollo 13 leaking precious oxygen and its crew of three astronauts facing a life and death crisis.

If mission control cannot find a way to bring Apollo 13 home, the astronauts will be stranded 200,000 miles from Earth in their dying ship.

Now with limited power and supplies on board the spacecraft, NASA ground teams work around the clock, engineering critic solutions to overcome carbon dioxide poisoning dehydration, and the freezing temperatures of deep space to ensure the crew’s survival.

13 Factors That Saved Apollo 13 is a gripping tale of distant desperation and heroics. Using spectacular footage, exclusive interviews with Apollo’s space scientists and stunning visual effects, this film explores thirteen remarkable factors that brought the crew safely home, and the full story of the courage and ingenuity that cemented Apollo 13 as NASA’s finest hour.

13 Factors That Saved Apollo 13

4 thoughts on “13 Factors That Saved Apollo 13

  1. You played an excellent orchestral piece at the end of Part 1 of this documentary. It brings rousing enthusiasm to the listener. I have tried for hours to identify the piece – unfortunately the three Music credits at the end don’t help to identify it on Shazam or Spotify.
    Could you please email me the source and where I can buy / download the music?
    With sincere thanks,
    Russell Aldred


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