Through The Lens Filmschool

One of the head-directors at Free Spirit Film & TV, Chris Weaver, runs a free online filmschool for aspiring filmmakers. With his extensive experiences as a freelance film cameraman, turned Director of Photography, turned Producer; Chris gives valuable gems of information in the hope that he can help shape the standards of the next generation of film & TV professionals.

The blog can be read here: Through The Lens Filmschool


2 thoughts on “Blog

  1. Why are comments closed on the Apollo film? Lots of space history buffs would love to chip in. Many would want to tell you that your sentence “But in 1961 when Kennedy pledged to put a man on the Moon, NASA had barely put a man into orbit” is historically inaccurate, but nit-picking is what we live for! [grin] More seriously is the sad story of the third man in your photo collage, Gordon Cooper, who did train for a lunar mission but was grounded when, in the judgment of his peers, he lost his edge and no longer had ‘the right stuff’ — he ended his days in bitterness, estranged from the space team by pimping aviation investment scams that cost millions from people who had trusted him, and had nothing left but speaking to UFO conventions and being the butt of call-in jokes on the David Letterman show.


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